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My name is Alexis Cervantes. I am a micro content creator based in Arizona. I have always had an extreme passion for creating content. I love the entire process that goes behind it: picking the background, outfit, hair, makeup, etc. all the little details! I put in 100% time and effort into creating the perfect content that I know I and my followers will be obsessed with. I am indeed that girl that will also 100% quote on quote "do it for the gram" :)

Since a young age I've always felt extremely comfortable in front of the camera, and through that have built a small but authentic relationship with my followers. All in all, my objective is to showcase my favorite brands that I personally love and know my audience will love and trust, as creatively as possible through posts, stories, and video content.

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Gisou - Haircare

Frankies Bikinis - Swimwear

Mejuri - Jewelry

Parade - Lingerie

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